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The Destroyer!
03-06-2014, 12:53 PM
Man up
Wanna join a well organized, result driven faction?

We cut dead weight after Finland's conclusion.

Do your homework on Team Delta Force, faction: 910.939.475

We complete all faction events and rock wars.

Gold optional, yet preferred, you need to contribute:

* Min 10M attk/def
* Min 30K WD/war
* Constant, daily participation during war, LTQ, and all faction events
* Constant, daily communication via Group Me
* 10x IPH daily donation

We have all def, $ and health bonuses
We only need last 2 air & 3 sea to complete attack bonuses

Got the stones to join us?

PM me @ 290.659.561 or on this forum
I am Lvl 265, 24.2M/27.5M, IPH = $11.4
Send SS w/ stats & last war's output

Good luck & hope to hear from u!

The Destroyer!