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03-07-2014, 05:51 AM
As I have been playing this game over the past year that we've had factions, I've been thinking about faction structure and I would like to recommend the following enhancements. I also submitted this in a ticket to GREE support. Please chime in with your thoughts. Maybe if many of us wish for these changes, GREE may take notice and implement them at some point.

If you join a faction, I don't believe you should be able to leave at the drop of a hat. You should have to give 2 weeks notice. You click to leave and a 2 week timer starts that is visible to the whole faction so they can see you intend to leave. This would keep spies and hopper/ shoppers out. It would also make people have to commit to a faction they joined for at least a short period of time. If someone wants out immediately, they can buy a ticket out for 100 gold.

Another recommendation: I also think simply removing a troublesome Member is sometimes too soft a punishment. There should be a FIRING SQUAD option. You try sabotaging the team? Firing squad for you! You get the firing squad and your player is DEAD and unplayable for two weeks before being resurrected by the magical angels of Gree. The angels will also resurrect you immediately for 100 gold.

Another change: I also think the leader should not have absolute hold over the leadership position. If most of the team feels the leader is underperforming, they should be able to a perform a military coup d'tat. It would take 2/3 of the faction (i.e. 67%) to click the military coup vote option in order for the Leader to be displaced. Then a new leader would be appointed by each member of the faction clicking a button next to the name of their new chosen leader on the membership list. The one with the most votes is the new leader. Of course, the firing squad may come into play before and/or after the military coup either by executing (via firing squad) those who are organizing the coup before it happens, or executing the leader and his followers after the coup happens. It is a shame when a faction of 40 or 50 friends sees their faction go down the tubes due to poor leadership. You may say the leader founded the faction, but they did not in many cases put the most work or resources into it. If they run things so badly that most if the members want them displaced, then they are being displaced by their own incompetence. You can bump up the percent for a coup to 75% or higher if you want, but we do need to have this option. One of the things that keeps many of us playing the game is friendships we have formed. Those friendships dissipate when players do not continue to share the same faction, because they choose to leave one that they feel is not well led.

Just think how this could change faction dynamics across the Modern War universe!

03-07-2014, 06:19 AM
Don't mistake the coup recommendation as a gripe against my faction's leadership. I came up with these recommendations while I personally held the shiny silver star of leadership at a faction that has scored in the top 50. The holder of the star has too much power. They can destroy the faction simply by choosing not do anything and by refusing to relinquish control. To me, that is a complete imbalance of power. I could have destroyed my faction and ruined the fun for 50 great dedicated players. No one should have that much unfettered control.

03-07-2014, 06:46 AM
You are attempting to place union like laws on a right to work system. Your rules would shift the power to the faction and away from the individual. I can think of many examples where the system would be grossly unfair to the individual. For example, it would penalize new players joining a faction without knowing the that realize to late that their faction has problems. Depending on timing, players could be locked into a faction for a war that the faction is no longer capable to fight well. By locking a player in, it would force him to stay in a bad situation unnecessarily.

It would also greatly limit movement between events. Some groups split up for wars. Your system would also eliminate that. It would take the flexibility out of the system and eliminate players ability to come up with creative approaches.

03-07-2014, 07:54 AM
Sorry but that is the worst idea I have heard in a long time.

Agent Orange
03-07-2014, 08:14 AM
Lock in for 2 weeks? Er no, because you then lock in your spies etc instead of being able to turf them. In terms of booting a bad leader, perhaps though I can think of a real problem with that as well. Let's say I load up a faction with my 13 LLPs and they don't realize that they are all mine. Then I pull a coup and nuke everyone and hijack the faction. Hmmmm now there's a neat idea… er on second thought, yeah that is a GREAT idea!

03-07-2014, 08:28 AM
Good point regarding factions who purposefully have players moving in and out. I omitted the fact that I believe the leader should have the ability to immediately grant a player's request to leave. Leaders should still have the ability to immediately remove members without executing them. Also, I believe officers should have the ability to grant a request to leave the faction as well -- but no power to forcibly remove or execute a member. Without a holding period, the desired execution aspect becomes moot (and I really want to execute players). Also, it is very frustrating that we have players hopping in and out of our faction after an hour or a day and at the drop of a hat without a word. If you go into an enemy faction and get caught, they should be able to do something to you. You can still "turf" a spy. You can even execute a spy. A spy would be stuck in place for 2 weeks, or longer if they don't want to give themselves away -- but stuck only from the spy's perspective. The faction can still remove them immediately. If they try sabotage -- then they get the executioner's axe.

03-07-2014, 08:36 AM
And yes, if a faction lets in your 13 LLPs and you make up 67% of the faction, congrats on your takeover coup. So factions will need to be careful to not have an overwhelming majority of their members be new members, and they must keep a majority of their existing members happy. If you are a faction leader, you could still boot half -- but hopefully the half that stays likes the leadership.

03-07-2014, 08:49 AM
Maybe 2 weeks is too long a hold or too long to be dead? How about one week? Or 3 days? Is 100 gold too high a price? Maybe 3 days hold or 50 gold?

For the coup, is 67% too low? Should it be 75%, or 90%, or 100% -- meaning everyone but the leader thinks the leader needs to be removed?

I look forward to your thoughts, that's why I put this thread here. I was hoping we'd share ideas and thoughts on faction structure. It sounds like everyone likes factions they way they are and never wished for anything different?

03-07-2014, 08:53 AM
In the top100 faction I was in the leader decided for his own selfish reasons he wanted to kick out everyone in the team and did so in 1 mass removal of all the members.
What would stop the leader doing that if players decide to call a coup?

I definitely think there should be something to stop a leader claiming a faction as his own and retain ALL the bonuses the team paid for.

03-07-2014, 10:45 AM
What about focusing on simpler things.
Allow co-leader / officers to buy walls?
Turn wall use on and off as team sees fit?
Post who called up what boss?

03-07-2014, 12:17 PM
All ideas are bad.

03-07-2014, 01:09 PM
To paraphrase Allen Iverson, we are talking about a game. Coup, firing squad, involuntarily committing someone to stay in a faction. Come on its a game, we're talking about a game. Move away from the game for a bit.