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03-07-2014, 10:51 AM
why is it only the leader can build fortifications? If the leader is having game issues or device issues in middle of war, then other officers should be able to build them.
if we can change intel during war by switching the DL around, then what difference would it make to be able to change officers around?
changing to letting officers declare was finally done! THANK YOU,
nonwar question, in CC the Uzis start dropping almost as soon as event is over and the drop rate is fair, why can the MW programmers do the same? this would give us all a fighting chance to get the folders and yes gree would still make money selling them since some teams are not large enough to possibly get enough for the whole event.
why is the boss event in CC so much easier to do than in CC?
why do you penalize a player for actually playing the game and leveling up? looks as if since the programmers figured out that low EP sells more gold since the level ups are much slower to happen, that the "old" players who are actually hooked to this game, and might be the best gold buyers, gree would not want to make them angry by the penalties of having a high level since they probably use gold to finish the LTQ events. this would also push along some of the campers maybe by showing them gree wants us to play this game instead of just looking at it and just collecting money. If you do not do anything but look at the game and camp, then where is the potential for gold buying?

I thought all programmers needed to have a logical "Mr Spock" approach to developing a game that has players involved instead of just camping? Personally I think there should be penalties for campers, such as lack of event activities would make the base have a "time out period" to where they do not get the rewards if they do not participate in events regardless on how well a team does. For example if they do no events how do they get folders for the event to donate? they don't, so why should they be able to leech off of the team? Maybe this would stop the super factions from having "Mini" factions from wars where all they do is go for streaks, of course I think gree likes to throw those in the matchups when a regular "no top dog" team gets close to a nice streak to ruin it.k
Why don't the developers get some sea defense units to help us "protect" our sea money units. Anything from floating mines to ships and subs would be fun. why not also throw in some tanks to place around the base as defense units?
I am sure there will be many naysayers to some of these ideas, especially the campers, but please give it some thoughts first.

03-07-2014, 12:14 PM
Officers should be able to build walls on my opinion