View Full Version : Texas, great top125, all faction events accomplished, is recruiting

03-08-2014, 11:40 AM
I'm the Swiss leader of a great top125 faction, Texas. We finished last 3 raid boss events and all FLTQ. Most of the guys here are from USA but we have also 7 europeans and 5 asians. We are strong, loyal and organized, only active players, no freeloaders. Most of us are gold users and we have accomplished all faction events. A great core of guys and vary dedicated to improving every day. We are moving up and have currently 5 spots but won't be open long. So if you decide to consider the Texans as your new home you won't be disappointed. Texas: inite code 667597272
We use Kakao Talk, well help set you up.

Our bonuses are:
+ 35% Infantry Def
+ 35% Ground Def
+ 35% Air Def
+ 30% Sea def
+ 25% Infantry Att
+ 25% Ground Att
+ 15% Air Att
+ 10% Sea Att
+ 35% Building Def
+ 20% Building Output
Max Health Regen Time
+36 Guild member Increase

We are looking for few strong and dedicated players, or a group, to grow togheter, stay steadily in top150 (soon top100) and enjoy this game. We are a kind of virtual family so only mature and loyal players will be accepted, no 18 years old over excited or too chatty.
To join us you need at least 10M Def stats, but also negotiable on lvl. minimum score 40k WDP, be active and an expert MW player. If you think this is for you let me know on Kakao Talk App, my ID: Bancodilugano

03-14-2014, 07:57 AM
We finished all 5 epic boss and we are going to accomplish Faction LTQ. I could have 2-3 spots asap, only for at least light Gold users

03-16-2014, 09:39 AM
We finished easily also faction LTQ, I could have 1-2 spot but only for a gold user player