View Full Version : Daily players wanted..stats dont matter top 1000 faction looking to improve

03-09-2014, 08:42 AM
We are United Armed Forces. A top 1000 faction in the last 2 wars and we have been here since the factions started. We are active in all faction related missions and are currently looking to add 5 or 6 more players who are daily players. No donation requirements. We all use group me for communication and coordination and we have some fun on there too.

We currently have 33 members so only room for 5 unless you are a small faction looking to merge and then I can open up a few more spots. My ally id is #227073752

Faction ID#463815892
Defense leader 8+ million defense
health regen time -26%
ground attack +5%
infantry attack +10%
infantry defense +35%
ground defense +20%
air defense +15%
sea defense +10%
building defense +15%
building output +10%
guild member increase +18

last 6 wars results:

Italy 1599
Netherlands 1261
Cuba 1229
Chile 1095
Turkey 887
Finland 867

03-16-2014, 06:12 AM
If you are still looking to merge I have 26 slots available in my faction.

Do you have line? (Line ID biffon69) 851089954