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03-11-2014, 09:25 AM
We are the Lee Family

This game is no longer about a single faction trying your hardest day in and day out, and hating the fact that half your team is barely active, or only when they choose to be. Never fully completing quests or getting close but wishing you had just a few more active players. A few more friends to call upon when you need just a little more help. Tired of recruiting day in and day out only to get maybe 1 or 2 truly active players who fit in well with the rest of your group. Then have them quit because they get tired and burnt out doing all the work.....that time is over.

The future is in multi faction factions, this is your chance to really grow.
Bring yourself, or the rest if your active players, a perfect opportunity to become something greater.
Get back to enjoying this game again, this is the chance of a lifetime.
And I do mean lifetime because we spend our lives in this damn game LOL Might as well make it enjoyable.

Who cares about bonuses, we all have them, a lot of them LOL
The important thing is completing the quests, which we ALWAYS do.
But you're going to ask anyways so here they are;

Current bounses -
Infantry defence MAXED
Ground defence MAXED
Air defence MAXED
Sea defense 5/7
Building defense MAXED
Infantry attack 6/7
Ground attack 4/7
Air attack 3/7
Sea attack 2/7
Health regen MAXED
Building output 4/7
Casualty rate 1/7
Guild member increase +34

We have 5 groups
Lee2 farm team
Haps Heros
Lee R&R

Lee2 is our team for perusing Top ranking in war, last war placed 179
Lee 1, Lee2 farm team and Haps Heros are our streaking teams, yes we get 50wins if that's what you are wondering
Lee R&R, this is our camping faction, growing those minis into powerhouses

We use Groupme to chat, as well as Dockbot for war.

So no matter what your style of play, if you are 110% active or are looking to have a little break in Lee R&R, one way or another your level of activity or your level of player and stats is going to fit in somewhere.

Alternatively, If you have a great team and are looking to merge, we welcome that as well.
Whether its bringing a few players over, or you want to bring your team and the faction you've already built.
There's nothing wrong with having a 6th faction to also share players and really tweak the team you've already spent so much time building and not wanting to leave, just become a part of something greater.

PM me if you would like more info, or send your request to Lee2 Farm Team 538200219
though better to PM me and we can chat on groupme with the rest of our crew.

Fight with the best or die like the rest, choice is up to you now.....

Rommel LVL70/6M attack
Officer Lee2