View Full Version : How to fix the collect 10/Leaderboard Event- Take notes Gree

03-13-2014, 03:53 PM
Another thing on my mind was how to make crate events more enjoyable and fun and encourage PVP and PVE interactions. You make not like this but it works better then what you have now. Still keep the wrapper goal as well because its a nice touch but make it less stressful.

The collect 10 and Leaderboard event should be Mission based events and not luck based events. Example would be like this;

Open up 5 Black Box to get the Laptop card 0/5

On the 5th box opened, they get the Laptop card

Open up 10 Black Box to get the Laptop card 5/10

On the 10th open, you get a card

Open Up 20 black Box to get the Laptop card

On the 20th open, you get the card

You see the picture right? Go all the way up to to 50 or 100, which would award the boost unit. Now the change would be removing the free open and gold open and just leave it with cash open as the only way to open, but it will open 100 percent percent of the time. Then a timer will start for the cool down, which is 1 hour. They can then reset the timer using 35 gold, which is 5 more gold then 15 open then 15 reset. Most would not care about this raise in gold. I know I would not care because I hate getting sorry 10 times in a row.

This method would be better because its not based on luck as you are guaranteed your event item at 5/5, 10/10 ect. This will sell gold and cash better because no matter what they do, they will get something each hour. However, what they get from the box will be random and they could get more boxes, units, cash, valor, whatever.

I say try this out and your quarter this year will be much better.