View Full Version : looking for a few more active players

03-15-2014, 10:41 PM
we are a faction of 48 and are looking to fill up a few spots after moving some minis out after the epic boss, we can bring in at least 4 new members and will move even more minis out if needed if a small group would like to join up with us. our faction has been around since greenland and i have led it the entire way and we are still made up from a good majority of players that has been here from those first few wars. using our chat app palringo is the main requirement along with active participation in all faction events, we have manage to stay in the top 500 in about the past 5 wars and plan on it again this war with the output bonus. if your looking for a faction made up of active members and solid leadership then give us a try, feel free to join our main chatroom for a while and see what you think and talk with some of the others to help make your decision that this is the faction for you. any other questions let me know and our info is listed below