View Full Version : Individual rewards with broken bonuses?

03-17-2014, 02:50 AM
Looking through the individual bonuses, most of the bonus text follows this format:

X% more <attack/defense> from <type>

But a few look like this:

+x% <type> <attack/defense>

I recall that there were broken bonuses in the past where instead of adding the % bonus it was just adding a straight number instead. (ie, a 14% bonus to infantry defense was actually adding a measly 14 points to infantry defense.) I think I still have one of these broken ones, so they never get fixed which is no surprise. It's Gree, after all.

Just wondering if this is the case here or if it's just a case of inconsistent bonus text. I'm currently in position of one of the +x% ones and I'm considering letting myself slide out of that position to the next one down just to be on the safe side as I can't guarantee it to myself that I'll make it to the next one up.

03-17-2014, 07:51 AM
I believe it's just inconsistencies in the phrasing, as silly as it is to have that. I do recall at least one instance in which it simply provided a flat bonus, but that was because the "%" was missing at the end. So long as it specifies a percentage boost, it should give it.

Doesn't mean that there might be one or two out there that aren't jacked up, given the large amount of units with boosts, the statistical probability that one or two are messed up is entirely possible.