View Full Version : SLTQ frozen. Mod/dev needs to address

03-21-2014, 08:54 AM
Ok, this is past the point of rediculous. My syn has been stuck on level 14 @ 90/100 kills for nearly 24 hours. We are a consistent top 10 team and deserve better treatment than this. Cumulatively, we are spending $20k plus a month on this game, if not more. Nowhere else in any sector of business is this garbage tolerated. Gree/funzio are redefining horrible customer service on a whole new level. Tickets have been sent, and the generic bs response has been recieved. Time has passed for a mod/dev to address this issue and save us the patronizing reply of appologizing for the inconvenience and passing the info to the developers. Tell us how you plan to fix it and that you will be compensating us with gold for what we have wasted. I hate to sound brash, but this is beyond messed up. It's time you all begin acting like adults who run a business and put a valid effort into communicating with your customers.