View Full Version : Delta Strike X in the Top 1300!

Delta Strike
03-24-2014, 01:24 PM
Hello all. I am proud to announce that Delta Strike X has make the top 1300. After war we would like to add some new activity to our faction. As of now we are a 26/32 member strong faction and our DL has 15 million stats. He has been unbeatable this war with a record of 82-0 and 20,000 WD points in the first day. Our faction consists of completing events and communication. We will be completing the easy, and normal faction goal for this coming raid boss event. We use groupme to communicate with each other about anything and everything from showing what we got for completing a goal to how close we are to getting the final crate box opened and getting the 10/10 prize. We are a fun and active faction that welcomes new members and gives them a shot at becoming something in this game. I am the leader of Delta Strike X and I know how it feels to be rejected for having to low of stats. Well we aren't like that we are different as long as you donate and help out with events when told you will be fine. We like all of our members to be over 10,000 WD points by the end of the war. We had a member join us who just started playing the game again with 50k stats. He promised to be active and help out. He was one of my officers old friends so I took his word let him in and now he is close to 1 million stats in one month. Come join us and gain what you have been missing out on from a fun, active and welcoming faction to all 194-971-806.

03-24-2014, 05:46 PM
Hi I am a veteran modern war player who has 23 million defense and 22 mill attack. I am lvl 242 and am looking for a fun faction that is not as heavy on my time as my previous top 50 factions were. I can easily put up 30k a war and can help a lot in faction events. Only thing is im looking to fill a factions position as Defense leader, or Faction Leader. Any Interest? Im always active. If interested best way to contact me is in the game. My Code is 741-912-542.

03-24-2014, 08:56 PM
I am the owner of a top faction. ranked 250-400 every war. We recently opened up some spots do to inactivity and are looking for a younger faction to join us and become family.we use a app line to communicate and we are very organized. we have some great tricks and great bonuses. we have been around since the beginning and would love to have you talk with us. my personal id is 878-550-557 the clan is vae victus and the faction id is 904-570-534. hit me up on line if u choose at lordofazzols. i look forward to talking with you.