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03-25-2014, 12:18 AM
Respect All Fear None(RAFN) is looking for active memebers in World Domination, FLTQ, and all other events from Asia and Australia ONLY.

Our achievement in WD Front-line Finland: Rank 430 with 27 wins and 2 loses, plus 6/9 war streaks, yet we improved our Rank in Mongolia to top 400 exactly 345 and looking forward to top 250 in Armenia.

Our requirement are :

1-Respcet all members and have fun.

2-Be Active.

3-Score minimum of 20K to 25K WD points. If you can not make the minimum,
then you have to be a power Attacker (PA) or a wall attacker.

4-We require 4xIph average donation ( example if your Income Per Hour is 1million then you need to donate 4m each day)
more is always welcome.

5-Battle like your hair is on fire during battles.

6-No cursing,No nudity pictures in Groupme.

7-Gold is not required but welcome.

Our Bonuses:

Health Regen -30%

Infantry attack 35%

Infantry defense 35%

Ground attack 35%

Ground Defense 35%

Air Attack 25%

Air Defense 35%

Sea Attack 20%

Sea Defense 35%

Building Defense 35%

Building Output 35%

Guild member increases + 38

If You meet the above requirement and would like to be in our faction please Join the pre-entry to our main Groupme for an interview:

https://groupme.com/join_group/7423816/yKMTC7 or PM here.

Pleas inform me your: 1-level / 2- Attack & Defense / 3- Previous WD points.

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