View Full Version : Need a home for Full Assault event? Join us 969 784 353

03-28-2014, 08:57 AM
Sorry to post here, I also posted in recruitment but that place is a ghost town. I won't bump this thread and it will quickly disappear so I apologize in advance.

I will keep it short and sweet. We have several spots and we figure why not fill them all up since raw player stats won't seem to matter quite as much as the WD. NO interviews, no PM's back and forth, simply send a request to 969 784 353. We expect you to carry your weight and donate units during battles and also require you to use Palringo. Players that want to stay after the event that performed well can, and players that do nothing will get booted immediately after event. Sort of a tryout.

So for anyone needing a faction that consistently is around top 250 during WD events send us your request/ Time is running out I think just a few hours so do it quick.