View Full Version : How can I get my attack and defense up higher

04-05-2014, 09:00 AM
Right now my attack is 480k and defense 620k. This is so low, how can I get it up faster without downing gold? The shop is **** only attack/defense weapons of 10 or 20. Even the gold weapons aren't amazing. Any suggestions to get it up? What about the syndicate event that you use UZI for is that good?

04-05-2014, 09:45 AM
get in a syndicate, participate in raid boss and epic bosses

04-05-2014, 10:18 AM
I am in one

04-05-2014, 10:25 AM
Join a higher ranked syn that can at least finish most of an event.

04-05-2014, 11:36 AM
It's all about att/def modifiers.

1) try to purchase all upgrades thru your syndicate
2) do your best to get the mods in case events
3) finish all syndicate and individual epic boss events
4) try to get as many levels as possible finished in the raid boss
5) join a syndicate that can finish in the top 250 during war

My 2 cents.

04-05-2014, 02:42 PM
Anyone have a syndicate like that? My attack and defense together is 500k

Da Don
04-05-2014, 02:56 PM
Anyone have a syndicate like that? My attack and defense together is 500k

Check out the recruitment forum

04-05-2014, 04:07 PM
check pm 1shot

04-05-2014, 06:03 PM
I have an open spot. Drop me a line.

04-07-2014, 01:07 PM
How is a top 250 syndicate going to take someone with stats like that? No offense to OP, but every top syn I have come across has pretty high standards.

I've looked for even a top 1000 syn and had trouble. I'm a lvl 99, with just over 3 mil att / def each

04-07-2014, 01:13 PM
^ morgz that depends on his level..... which he's strategically avoided saying in this thread.

04-07-2014, 04:56 PM
I'm in a top 1500 syndicate. Sorry I don't spend 100's of bucks in gold.