View Full Version : Missing Bricks??

04-05-2014, 09:10 AM
How is that I have been saving my bricks for the past few days from robbing/attacking.
This morning I had 57 uzi's and 62 bricks.
Game starts lagging. I force stop CC.
Restart and browsing through forum some time later and ALL my bricks are just gone??? wth
I checked the forum and no donation was made by me in a few days since I last donated cash.
Has anyone had anything just "disappear"?
Submitted a ticket, wonder what the response will be??
but was curious about anyone out there.....

04-05-2014, 10:17 AM
I've had bricks and uzis disappear... sent in a ticket and got told that they have no record of them. I now screenshot when I get a good bunch

Da Don
04-05-2014, 03:01 PM
Donate more often, that way you can't loose too much

04-05-2014, 05:45 PM
Not the point, you shouldn't have to. I have a bit of ocd when it comes to that and I like to donate "even" numbers... atm I'm donating 10 at a time but then I don't feel like I'm donating much. And until rb comes up idk exactly how many I have donated....