View Full Version : Our Group Is Deployed. Say Thank You Helping His Faction!

Sgt Sticks
04-08-2014, 01:54 PM
Rockhound, our original leader, serves bravely overseas fighting for our freedom. Say thank you by helping to improve his faction.

Top 2500 and improving rapidly. Even faster with your help!

Cash Output +5% (Next cash upgrade soon!)
Health Regen -20%
Infantry Def +30%
Ground Def +20%
Air Def +15%
Sea Def +15%
Building Def +25%
Guild Increase +8

To be an officer just be active in events, donate generously and get the GroupMe app.

Serve a noble cause. Fight for Rockhound 252754121

Darrell 89
04-15-2014, 08:10 PM
We are a top 800 faction with a top 400 parent faction. Right now we have about 10 open slots. Willing to accept you and your 10 most active players. Plz pm me if your interested. We also use group me. This would work out great for both. We need the active players more than we need stats so pm me ASAP before the spots are filled