View Full Version : Top 300 - Power of War is recruiting

04-12-2014, 09:59 AM
Our faction is looking for new blood. We're well organized and active, and is a mixed bunch of free and gold players. On events, we finished the most recent epic boss and raid boss. Our founders are active members of top 50 teams, so we occasinally get help from heavy hitters on events.

What we require:
- active participation in faction events and war
- good communication skills: roll call for war, advanced notice if you're busy and can't participate in an event
- being able to follow instructions
- minimally 5 mil A/D
- stats/level ratio = 80k+ (e.g. a level 80 should at least have 6.4 mil A/D)
- WD points minimum: 20k

What we don't require:
- donation. Our policy is just do what you can. There's no minimum. Our defense leader alone donates $500 mil daily so that our members can focus on building their own economy first.
- gold. 70% of our faction are free players. So gold or not, you're welcome as long as you're active.

Faction: Power of War
Code: 987118620
Chat app: LINE (my ID: saluki_n)
Health regen: max
Infantry attack: 20% / def: max
Ground attack: 15% / def: max
Air attack: 10% / def: 30%
Sea attack: 5% / def: 20%
Building output: 15%