View Full Version : Top price paid for Uzis

04-12-2014, 10:11 AM
We are looking to purchase. Please pm me for easy transaction.

04-13-2014, 02:14 PM
Cash ready!

04-13-2014, 04:41 PM
Can you do 15-20m per Uzi , if so please PM me

04-13-2014, 04:57 PM
That's pretty steep sorry

04-14-2014, 09:40 AM
Ok so, I'm getting Pam's with some crazy offers so let me save some people some time. We have purchased over 5000 Uzi in the ballpark of 3-5 million.. We would like to buy some more and may be willing to go as high as 7 mil per but we are far from paying 10-25 mil per. Just because you see crazy asking prices doesn't mean people are actually selling them! Pm me if you want a quick easy transaction.