View Full Version : Attention GREE, MODS, DEVELOPERS!!!!!

04-13-2014, 08:39 PM
Your valued customers are requesting your undivided attention! No time for days off or vacations. Every single post on the forum has complaints of problems. Most of these problems have been ongoing for months. Here is a to do list to assist you, I request members to post to this thread of all of the problems I have not listed. Gree, IF, you care about your company you will solve these items.

1) Increase top level past 200, upto 300
2) Quest after quest should be tested for bugs before being released
3) Boss event is impossible as many members take all their energy and stamina without a boss appearing
4) Boss event is now impossible to kill past level 10 without gold and you want us to kill 100
5) Prestige level, what is that, the difficulty with a 180 attack weapon is now impossible to get to
6) Transfer from device to device without opening a ticket
7) Post dates in game of when each quest will appear like MW
8) In player chat the "select all" is missing for you to copy text, manually is only way now
8) Place focus on producing a good product to the public
9) Reduce the turn around time of resolving open tickets
10) Fix most of these problems and complaints will be reduced, open tickets will reduce, and customers would be happy to spend gems, and all of GREE would have more time to create exciting adventures in KA.

You have made changes and we are ok with changes to the game, but you have made everything nearly impossible to get to the next level, you will begin to lose customers. Me personally has completed several quests, not all of them, but when I completed them I used gems, now I am not using gems because I am not a millionaire. Look at the past war, many members did not gem as the points were much lower than in the past. How about changing the trend of destruction and begin to change for the better of having a more inviting atmosphere. Your path will destroy the game and possibly your company.

04-13-2014, 09:08 PM
haha you're telling the devs what to do, cute.

04-14-2014, 04:42 AM
All of these items have been suggested many times before. Good luck getting Gree to pay attention.