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Chris Boa
04-13-2014, 10:58 PM
Not really sure what happened last night but I had what.alcoholics would call a moment of clarity, iirc the old feedback thread was closed but it seemed a shame to waste these ideas, God knows when it'll be I have anymore after all.

Firstly I like the new scratchers, they're actually worth scratching of. I look forward to seeing what becomes of the respect points.

Building wise ltb or normal I thought of

Money buildings

Chinese laundry I can't think of a better cover for washing money
Racquet club rich people love a racquet and so do we, well a racket
Pet crematorium it's not just beloved pooches and the like in the ovens but some of our most hated rivals
Scrap yard classic way of getting rid of hot motors and cold corpses
Construction firm we cut corners on materials, great excuse for a few percent building modifier
Swimming pool err I can't think of a reason to include this
Spa rich people love a spa and so do we
fishing boat trips once the day trippers have gone we'll be taking people out to sleep with the fishes
Gym our pill pedalling operation will get a great hit in the arm by knocking out steroids to the meat heads

Defence buildings

Gun range practice makes perfect after all
Plastic surgery clinic get a new face when your old ones to hot
Torture room think hostel but with professionals rather than game amateurs
Shyster accountancy firm cook those books boys
law firm a good brief will save time.... Of your sentence
private members club a little watering hole for the chaps to kick back and relax in, run by one of our own of course

I was also thinking of things like a mob bank but that's enough for now I think.

I'd also like to see the rival list tweaked, I'm getting my buildings robbed by some right weaklings which is no good for my tough guy image, if the level can't me lowered at least make it a little harder to be robbed and finally a little bit of free gold is overdue, just as a show of appreciation from the family.

04-13-2014, 11:29 PM
A little bit of gold is long overdue with all the nonsense of late.

04-14-2014, 10:27 PM
Thanks for giving us feedback.