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04-14-2014, 07:09 PM
Okay so there have been alot of changes to the game recently and I think this would be a great update to see with it. So defense buildings have been basically irrelavent to bases for a while now with stat inflation pretty much rendering them useless considering the best one has only 75 defense at level one, (or 125 for 200 gold..) which is nothing when defending against players millions or even tens of millions above you.

I think it would be cool to see these buildings back in the game with a new purpose. Now, it would be really tricky to fix these buildings just by bumping each ones stats because of the huge amount of players who have access to the highest building (levels 75-300 I think) leaving a very little or no range for effectiveness to both sets of players. The large bonus older players have accumulated for defense buildings (mine being +125%) would also be a tough thing to work with. I think it would be cool to see each building offer a percentage chance to repel an attack instead of just offering a little added defense to your stats. Perhaps a railgun for example would offer a 5% chance to repel an attacker with any stats at level one, going up to like 30% at level ten, with some way to stack with other buildings.

Those are just ideas but I think it would be cool to see defense buildings back in the game. Feel free to leave your ideas on this in a reply below.

04-14-2014, 07:20 PM
Great idea and hope they become useful again.

Making them as a percentage of ones defense or as you described above makes much more sence than a flat value.

04-14-2014, 07:21 PM
they are good for protecting ur boosts if u put them on the backside..i like the % chance..back in the day when i first started when u had ur builds in the force field it was actually effective