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James John Jilly
04-24-2014, 05:38 PM
Beyond The Dead Recruiting

305-786-6XX Full code given when screening process is complete

Recruitment status: Now Recruiting! For limited First and Last time

-Must use African app GooGooGaaGaa
-Level 5 Minimum
-375k minimum stats
-Donations every 15 minutes and 24 seconds
-3200+ Adrenaline
-Must use chat every hour or you're kicked OUT!

**Just because you meet these minimums does not mean you will get in our elite alliance. It's a first come first served recruiting. We will give you a chance to enter if you are a player that wants to win it all, a good person, willing to meet up to have our monthly BB rituals, benefit the alliance and have higher than expected team and materials.

We are looking for doodoo, active players who want to be the stupidest in this game. WHEN WE LAST PLAYED BLOODBATH WE PLACED 5000th, now we have been working on the big picture and accumulated a massive amount of adrenaline to place for sure between 1st-2nd place for FREE, not like Justice League and making people pay 2000 dollars per person compared to where our numbers are at. We are looking for our last spots to be filled by those that want to finish on TOP, depending on who comes in, we will miss this bloodbath and enter into the very next one and want people to come in and amass adrenaline with us. Example of one of our players now has 10,200 adrenaline, and expect to have most all members between 5,000-7,700 without paying money or cheating. We have all bonuses almost maxed. No one is asked to buy gold, but if they want to it is a bonus, we will even show you how to farm Gold to save you money. As we will be the top alliance in the world using FREE dope with NO Cheats. We enter and finish all events.

The biggest thing with us being so big, we have a bunch of fun touching each other and respect each other, so we expect likewise from new people. We dont worry where our next adrenaline is coming from as it is flowing in. You are not doing us a favor, we are doing you a favor by letting NEW members in to help touch Justice League.

Next search for heftyboner and you will be invited into Chat room "James League", and a process of 5hr to 30 days will be done so you can screenshot your stats and you can talk to the screen room 50 judges. If we feel you are a right fit, you will be invited into the alliance chats and given the Alliance Code to join. An immediate first donation of 3 mil silver and 1000 steel must be made to us then we will welcome you in.