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05-06-2014, 07:33 PM
Are you ready to join APP...we are a very active faction looking for active players. This faction is for serious active players who love the game. Great group of fun and dedicated active players. We are all ready to help you get stronger. Must use groupme and be active. Check us out!!!
Faction invite: 908 371 841
active player
participates in all events
donates all concrete and folders to finish raid boss and to stop those opponents from hitting us before wall down
groupme downloaded before joining for great communication
can score 15k-20k wd points to maximize rank
be here for atleast 60% of wd battles to maximize rank to get good rank prizes
loyal player
daily donation of atleast 3*iph to get more of those amazing bonuses
must be willing to participate in faction quest over individual quest to get those amazing prizes with amazing boosts
Background of faction:
Constant top 500 faction looking to push to 400 next war!! We get close to finishing all events and have a top 150 sister faction who helps us with events.Our bonuses are awesome and will give you a good increase in stats if you join!!Bonuses are below.So if you are an active player who meets the requirements listed above and is interested, click here to join our Recruitment room and talk with our officers:https://groupme.com/join_group/8124915/ucyCj3
Please PM me if you have questions.
Hope to meet you soon!
Health regen -30%MAX
Infantry defense +35%MAX
Ground defense +30%
Air Defense +30%
Sea defense +25%
Building Def +25%
Building output +15%
Infantry attack +10%
Ground Attack +10%
Air Attack +10%
Sea Attack +5%
Member Capacity:50
Join now don't miss out on this great opportunity you wont regret your decision to join us!!
You have everything to lose by passing us over!!
You have nothing to lose by checking us out!!

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