View Full Version : Looking For New Members And A Team To Merge With Us

05-17-2014, 06:34 AM
Hi Recruits,

I'm the leader of this faction called GoodFellas Academy. This is a newly faction as i made this team at the beginning of the year and we always come in the top 1000, we all became friends and worked as a family we need more players to join us and make us stronger. We are looking for individuals and for a team who would like to merge with us and kick some @ss and I know what to do as i am a 2nd leader in crime city under my unit on there, im looking for good people to become friends with and who can contribute when they can and to become a successful family i hope to you from you guys soon. below will be the faction i.d and my individual i.d. :cool:;)

GoodFellas Academy : 317-257-363

ItalStylez : 601-737-908

top 1000

bonuses so far :

Health regen time - 15%
Infantry Attack - 5%
Infantry Defense - 25%
Ground Defense - 20%
Air Defense - 15%
Sea Defense - 10%
Building Defense - 20%
Building Output - 5%
Guild Increase - +4

Members - 13

Chat App Used - Group Me