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05-23-2014, 03:15 AM
The Black Sheep Squadron

The Black Sheep Squadron is one of the fastest growing Top 250 faction in the game. We have added over one billion attack strength to our team over the past couple of months. We 220th in Zambia, 205th in Armenia and we are now confident of pushing into the Top 150 in Greece.

Our faction bonuses are now MAXED OUT; we have every single bonus.......We have 3 or 4 seats left.......

We are 60% US/40% European and our team have average stats of over 55 million att/def with several over 200 million. We are very successful at faction events (we complete Epic Boss & Raid Boss events) and during wars we fight 24/7

As we only have a few seats left, we are looking for some big hitters to join us. Therefore we’re looking for active players with stats over 80 million

We have several gold players in the faction, but new recruits have no minimum cash or gold requirements (although we won’t complain if you spend a little gold....). But we do require players to score at least 20,000 WD points during wars and we set individual targets for all faction events which we expect to be hit.

We have a dedicated Feeder Faction for those not quite at the required strengths and a dedicated Camper Faction for super-mini’s and dinosaurs....

We are very sociable and have lots of fun, but when the time comes, we get serious and get down to business in Faction and WD events. Participation is the key requirement. We communicate through several Palringo rooms, come and chat to us by searching “the black sheep squadron”

We genuinely work for each other; it’s Faction First here.

Current Faction Bonuses

Infantry Defence – MAXED OUT
Ground Defence – MAXED OUT
Air Defence – MAXED OUT
Sea Defence – MAXED OUT
Infantry Attack – MAXED OUT
Ground Attack – MAXED OUT
Air Attack – MAXED OUT
Defence Building Defence – MAXED OUT
Building Output – MAXED OUT
Health Recovery Time – MAXED OUT
Guild Increase – MAXED OUT
Casualty Rate – MAXED OUT

War Rankings

Zambia Military Front 220
Ambush Armenia 205
Meltdown in Mongolia 374
Frontline Finland 329

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I am a active 18 hours / day player from Bangladesh near India looking for a strong active faction. I'm in lvl 150 & status is attack 18305790 def 19569060 in my current faction. I wish to join the team that is really active on various faction event.
if you think I'm the right one for your team then please invite me. my id is 257820219.
thanks again.