View Full Version : would you like to finish raid boss prestige?

jj JJ
05-31-2014, 11:04 AM
Our faction completed the last raid boss event with one day left, but that was before GREE changed the raid boss strengths on us. We plan to complete the prestige level and any we can in the master.

We may have space for you too! We recently removed several inactive accounts to make room for people who want to finish the raid boss prestige levels. We are currently on prestige 24.

If your attack is over 25mil and you want to get the last set of prizes, come tag along with us. All we require is that you hit the boss every chance you get and you will reap the rewards!

Faction ID: 662 915 165

Check out our Bonuses!!!
We have 70 bonuses!
Come join 501st Bravo HQ
Last Rank 408 Armenia
Ranked 288 in Mongolia
Ranked 511 In Zambia

We are looking for some active hard hitters to join us.
Here are our faction's 70 bonuses;
Building Defens 35% Max
Infantry Defens 35% Max
Ground Defen 35% Max
Air Defense 35% Max
Health Regen -30% Max
Guild Increase 1 +10 Max
Guild Increase 2 +10 Max
Guild Increase 3 +8
Guild Increase 4 +4
Sea Defense +20%
Ground Attack +15%
Infantry Attack +20%
Building Output +25%
Air Attack +10%
Casualty Reduction -5%

jj JJ
06-01-2014, 11:14 AM
We still have a couple spots left..if you have the heat we have the space.

jj JJ
06-01-2014, 07:51 PM
We started the final run of 100s today. Let me know if you are interested