View Full Version : Mods pls read and respond.

06-03-2014, 08:41 PM
I just want to say thanks for trying to make this game better. The new raid boss format is great, a little more challenging. Thanks for dealing with the hackers, even tho you didnt do a retro cleanout of the long time players who use jailbroke and rooted devices to scam the game. I for one enjoy the direction the game has gone and have been semi succesful at it. Can you please start posting prize lists again so we no what we are actually playing for, and can you monitor the forums a little better so ppl dont feel used of there time and money spent playing. This used to be a good source of info but as of late has turned into a sup, osw bash and is getting a little rediculous.pls moderate the forums a little better.

Im not bashing anyone just stating my opinion so pls dont dirty my thread like all the other threads.

Thanks, hard player and money spender...

bam bam.
06-04-2014, 03:51 AM
Which part of this do you want the mods to respond to?. Its a broad ranging statement with lil actual substance.

Also I'm glad you like the changes. Personally I do not. Gambling is now a huge portion of the ILTQ (chance on loot drops) and kids play this game. The difficulty went up across the board and then a new tier added on top. Raid boss was the last of the events which was not GREEdied but now its beyond achievable for most. Next they will close the faction jumping and totally kill it. War was once fun but 1% modifiers have killed that n no mods that affect game play.

Who cares about stats?, there will always be people stronger, and always be people weaker. Give me mods that make the game more enjoyable. And don't give me a time decrease bonus then immediately follow it up with an increase to time. don't give me a +1% mod then add +3% to difficulty. Stop giving 1 and then taking away 2.

I was a gold spender, no longer...the fun is gone