View Full Version : Come and join CBLS!! We're recruiting ACTIVE players or even a small merge!!

06-07-2014, 12:56 AM
Come and join CBLS!! We are looking for a handful of players or even a small merge of ACTIVE players to join our team and help push us into the top 400! We really need to recruit some more Europeans or players that play while the US is sleeping. But we'll definitely take anyone who is active! You MUST be active and love to have fun! If this sounds like a good fit for you then come and join us in the fight for top 400!!!

Faction invite code is - 229-313-601

Requirements -
1) join our chat room on GroupMe

2) must be active for faction events

3) must be able to score 15-20k wd points minimum

4) gold or light gold players are preferred but not required. We have several members that do use gold

Our bonuses so far are -

Health Regen - +30%
Building Output - +20%
Air Attack - +5%
Ground Attack - +10%
Infantry Attack - +15%
Infantry Def - +35% (maxed)
Ground Def - +35% (maxed)
Air Def - +25%
Sea Def - +20%
Building Def - +15%
Guild Increase - +30