View Full Version : You guys realize that Gree just screwed themselves...

Agent Orange
06-07-2014, 10:53 AM
Ok so we all got locked out with 1 hour to go but that means that Gree screwed themselves out of a big payday because nobody could spend or needed to buy gold. So in reality though some people lost out on some little trinket Gree ultimately lost a lot of money.

Not to mention all the guys getting refunds.

And that is a pity because this version of WD was really good.

-matching wasn't as lopsided as it has been
-30 minute battle is just right
-they even started it early so folks in Europe/Aisa had a chance to play at a decent hour.
-24 hour event was just right

Granted since Gree said all events start at 2pm pst I suspect a lot of folks got caught off guard...

Also by now it seems rather pointless to award the top faction a prize for these short events, seems to be a forgone conclusion so there seems to be very limited incentive to play these things.

Perhaps just have biweekly 24 hour WD events but have prizes based on goals achieved and continue them from week to week.

Kill Full Assult, after playing this version of WD I would NEVER bother with Faulty Assualt, EVER.

So if you guys can get to the point where you can't pull some collossal blunder in an otherwise pretty good event you might actually get more players to come back, otherwise if I was a player I would really avoid spending money on a dead end game.

Big John
06-07-2014, 10:58 AM
Being let into the secret that a WD event was starting on Friday would have been good too.