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06-07-2014, 05:27 PM
[QUOTE=Lasersharks;1286596]Originally posted by Paisthecoolest:

Unemployed? Need a job?

Are you not concerned with how a product operates?
Do you never start things on time?
Can you ignore the most obvious errors?
Are you able to promise one thing and deliver something completely different?
Can you phrase things in a confusing manner?
Do you take no pride in a job well done?

If you answered yes, then GREE is looking for you.

GREE needs quality control specialists.
-No experience needed
-No training required
-Weekend work is not necessary

Though that since this 'magically disappeared' it could make a return too. At the soonest this thread will disappear by Monday, so it is always best to post things on weekends[QUOTE]

This is no longer relevant Tadaah has come in and taken charge along with the ghost from infinity blade 3 siris(think I spelled his name wrong and wrong reference). In any case it's finally good to have some one reliable on the gree side if things.