View Full Version : Looking for RUINED profiles (high level with low stats)

General Nu
06-07-2014, 07:42 PM
Have a profile that's the worst? Tired of getting kicked by factions? Feel like you have a profile that is a lost cause? Have I got a faction for you!!!

The Minor Nuisances 708-134-925 are looking for the worst profiles out there. The higher your level the better. We are a feeder faction for a faction that has no problem recruiting so we have become a haven for the worst players out there. No requirements. Play at your leisure. Sound to good to be true? It's not. We simply don't care what you do!

What we can offer you is a home. A place to rebuild your stats with no pressure. If you are interested there is also a chance to temporarily fill spots (left empty by kicked players) in a top 300 faction until they get filled.

Only 3 spots open. PM me for details or direct add if you feel your profile is horrible enough!

Cash output 5%
Health Regen -14%
Building defense 15%
Infantry defense 30%
Ground defense 15%
Air Defense 10%
Sea Defense 5%
Guild Member Increase +14