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06-19-2014, 08:14 AM
Hi all,

I have been playing MW for 3-4 months and I've slowly been focussing upgrading my unit buildings and my money buildings (about 50/50 time wise spent on each).

The reason for the unit building upgrades was requirements for missions but I now have the 1st tier of unit buildings at lvl 8. I think that is more than high enough to be able to participate in any events. Now, the rationale for upgrading the tier 2 unit buildings would be the 3 mil valor I have floating around - I'm not spending that until I have high value units to spend it on.

I have built all boost buildings but the composites factory is lvl 3 and all others are 1-2.

But, recently someone in my faction said that Boost building should be my priority. Is this a better priority than getting the unit buildings upgraded?

I think I will keep dividing my time between money/non-money regardless as I want to keep improving my IPH so that I can take advantage of the LE buildings and support the faction.

I currently have 7.2mil att/7.8mil def if that matters...

Many thanks,

06-19-2014, 08:45 AM
my $.02 would be to finish composite factory. Then pick the unit type you want to focus on (Air, sea, ground, infantry) and upgrade the advanced building to ten and dump all valor on it. Then go back to working IPH. Might take 2 weeks to do those two things but will help a ton. I choose the unit type that either has best bonuses for you, or if all same do air.

06-19-2014, 08:49 AM
Hardly any missions require unit buildings now. That might change, but I would question whether it's worth wasting all that time upgrading unit buildings at the moment. I would pick 1 advanced unit building only and take that to 10. Although you'll get better value at the moment spending valor on lower value units, high level are more inflation proof if you plan on being in the game long haul. I'd prioritize money over boosts... as it effectively compounds, so you want to get on that early... boosts become more valuable later, once your stats become significant.

... but that's just my opinion

Lift Ticket
06-19-2014, 09:12 AM
I would agree with your faction mate, upgrading your boost buildings should be a priority...

I would then focus on IPH until you can sufficeiently cover the costs of acquiring higher stat units...that's my opinion.

But given the fact the the current LTQ gives a building output bonus for completing normal mode...I would take advantage of that.

06-19-2014, 09:17 AM
Missed the part about the other boost buildings being so low. I agree with Lift. All boosts first. It's going to take a few months though. Start with composite factory and go from there.

06-19-2014, 10:16 AM
Its better to mix IPH and boost buildings. Upgrade your boost buildings while saving a pile of cash. Once you have a lot of money stored, upgrade an expensive IPH building. Then go back to boosts until you save up another pile of cash for the next expensive IPH upgrade. Go back and forth between boosts and IPH.

Dont bother with unit buildings until your boosts are done. Then use the same strategy above with unit buildings. They take a long time to complete at higher levels, so use that time to stockpile cash for big IPH upgrades.