View Full Version : Top 250 to 400 team streak of 8 and 9 looking to reload Respect all fear none

06-25-2014, 06:56 AM
We finish all faction events.

Fltq done.

Epic boss done in 4 hours max everyday.

Raid boss finished presitge in two days. Masters 7 of 29 and helped placed members thru partnerships for 29 of 29.

All members got indvidual reward except 2 and we were fighting atmwire with them to help them get last unit.

We have fought in every war since brazil.

We havent had a fulltime roster spot in 6 wars....now we have a few. Let me know your past performance and why you want to join the team. We will go with a skinny roster before we take wronge person. We are a hybrid streak team. We keep points lo w and when by a tight margin. But we win.. we have fun as a group...GROUPME IS REQUIRED

We used 40k folderd in raid boss. We get stuff done.