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Italian Stallion1
06-25-2014, 05:02 PM
Inglorious Bastards 1 Top 700 Faction

Looking for up and coming talent !!!
We are a faction of experienced players willing to share our wisdom with you.
Most of us are in top teams, and we decided to create a new faction. Join us today before it's to late. Spots will fill up fast as this will be a hot faction to join.

Faction requirements:
Must download Line app for communication
Score 20k or more in WD events
Deal one billion damage or more in Raid Boss
Donate daily 5x your IPH
Donate at least 90 Raid Boss folders and all concrete
Your attack is greater than 20 million!!
Participate in all faction events
Gold users are a plus but not a must
Check in during roll call
Always inform officers if you're not able to be active in an event.

(20k or better WD)

Invitation Code: 173-829-315

Health Regen: -26%
Building Output: +10%
Infantry Attack: +15%
Ground Attack: +10%
Air Attack: +10%
Sea Attack: +5%
Defense 35%
Guild Increase: +22

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