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06-25-2014, 05:30 PM
Placed 157 in Indonesia
Placed 87 in Jakarta
Placed 122 in Greece (many people were gone for holiday)
Placed 95 in Zambia
Placed 132 in Armenia
We finish the Faction Boss Events with ease.
Finished Peruvian Spider (and almost everyone got their wrapper)
Finished Red Dragon Squad (and almost everyone got their wrapper).
Finished Godfather Midas (and almost everyone got their wrapper).
Finished Watchdog Theone (and almost everyone got their wrapper).
Join a faction with great leadership and members...Spec Ops Grunts

We expect all members score a minimum of 20K during wars and full participation in faction events. We use GroupMe for communication in events. Recruits that score more and/or use gold will be given priority!
Health Regen time +35%
Ground Attack +25%
Air Attack +20%
Infantry Attack +30%
Sea Attack +15%
Infantry Defense +35% - MAX
Ground Defense +35% - MAX
Air Defense +35% - MAX
Sea Defense +30% - MAX
Building Defense +35% - MAX
Building Output +30%
Guild increase +36

Also ask about our feeder faction Special Ops Grunts

PM me for details

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