View Full Version : Frontline Health

06-28-2014, 08:33 AM
Although I understand this is a new event type, some of us have worked really hard and spent a lot of real money to have an extra "edge" in battle, meaning the %regen time. Heck our syndicates spent a ton of in game cash to purchase a faster regen time as well, so why is it that our bonus for faster regen doesn't apply here???? Also, the dynamics are different, but the idea of spending 250 gold to refill your deploys is ridiculous... suggestion: make it 100 max again, and make it regen like regular events, using our health with bonuses, and make it as it was before: 25 gold for 100 health.

as you promised before, the ones of us with tons of cash would have an edge, the ones without could buy cheaper units to deploy. i don't know, maybe someone else can work on this idea and make it a little better.

The main point is I want the regen bonuses that i worked for and paid hard earned money to be good for all events!!!!!

on a side note: its about time you made it possible to be over 100 health when you pay for it with gold.
meaning: i have 15% health and pay for a full regen i want to get my 100 health and go to 115%. it would at that moment stop regenerating until i went under 100, but i would be getting everything I paid for.