View Full Version : Living Greymatter is recruiting

07-07-2014, 12:11 PM
Living Greymatter's history goes back to the beginning of the game.
We used to be on top off the boards (so we have nice bonuses) but we have chosen to have fun instead of spending gold to stay on top.
We're still competitive but in a relaxed and fun way, we're a strong active team looking for players who are playing a lot and not want to spend many gold.

Invite Code: 203233583

Casualty Rare: -14%
Health Regen Time: -30%
Ground Attack: +25%
Air Attack: +20%
Infantry attack: +35%
Sea attack: +15%
Infantry Defense: +35%
Ground Defense: +35%
Air Defense: +35%
Sea Defense: +35%
Building Defense: +35%
Building Output: +30%
Guild Member Increase: +36

See you soon!