View Full Version : Top 150 Faction ---- Now Recruiting

07-08-2014, 06:27 AM
Kill Em All is a fun faction that is dedicated to the game. We finish all faction events and have most of the bonuses. We use GroupMe chat.

Stat requirement is based on your level.
WDP requirement is 30k (Not hard to achieve)

Pm me your stats, level, timezone, and # of WDP you can achieve.

Looking forward to talking to you soon.

07-09-2014, 01:00 AM
We are a maxed out faction

We finish prestige on the raid bosses

We finished the 5 days epic boss

We usually finish FLTQ (did so on the last 4)

WD in which we finished top 150
Peru top 120ish, final result not yet puplizised by gree
Jarkarta top 86
Greece top 121
Zambia 148

American playeres only
Need to use groupme
23k minimum WD points
Donate all folders and concreate
Having fun playing the game and chatting with people from around the globe
Female members are welcome and will find a friendly enviroment (we have 2 ladies allready and they feel at home).

Klick the link below and join our recruitment room