View Full Version : Top 150 Faction Now Recruiting Players

07-12-2014, 12:41 PM
We are looking for up to 10 new players in our faction, DominateItAll, to join an elite active group of committed players. We have 38 players with 100+ million stats and some well above that. Join us as we have completed all Raid Boss Prestige events, FLTQs, and Epic Boss events and have a proven record of placing in all events for many boost units.

Requirements: >20k WD points, 5xIPH Daily donation, Active for all Faction Events
Group Me for communication. DocBot for WD.
Gold is not required.
Dominate It All
Bonuses: All defense maxed, building defense maxed, Health Regen maxed
Others: +30% Building Output, Guild +32, Casualty Reduction +10%
Attack: Infantry +20%, Ground +20%, Air +15%, Sea +5%

Request entry or PM for consideration to this great group of daily players!