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07-12-2014, 04:28 PM
I am the leader of Order of the British Empire, a top 400 faction. We have plenty of spaces to absorb another large faction or small group of players into our faction and shoot for top 250. We have most of the bonuses and come very few bosses away from finishing the Raid Boss. Most of our core group puts up over 50k points each, but we only ask that you can manage 10k. The only requirement is GroupMe (both joining our group and actively using it!). Post here, PM, or email me at ericinico@hotmail.com for additional information including the faction code. Also if you want to join by yourself that is okay. WE ARE NOT INTERESTED IN JOINING A DIFFERENT FACTION. Thank you.

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Soc Elite has 17 spots available, and is willing to do a merge with a faction that will come to us! All bonuses are maxed out besides three, we also have two other sister faction top 25 and top 300. Let's talk!
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