View Full Version : MERGER/MUTUAL ALLIANCE with Top 200 Syndicate - Not An Assimilation

07-18-2014, 04:59 AM
AKP worked their way up together, as a Family, to just outside the Top 150.
RUSSIAN RUMBLE - 167 AKP 1779172 / UN PLAZA MASSACRE - 164 AKP 1,844,689

However, like other Syndicates, we've seen some players retire & some move to Top 100 Syndicates.

So, I'm rebuilding & looking for a Merger/Mutual Alliance to make 2 Syndicates stronger!

AKP has completed everything in game, apart from a Full SLTQ run - our best is ELITE 19/20.

RAID BOSS - Completed 3 Full RB Cycles & have more than enough support to complete next one!
NB: Whenever RAID BOSS Health increases - we get to ELITE 25/27 Minimum!
+ AKP Kills ALL BOSSES Up to/Including Lvl 95s 'In House'; we only use our Jumper Room for Lvl 100s.

EPIC BOSS - Completed ALL Syndicate Goals since November 2013

SLTQ - We Concentrate on Syndicate Goal, 1st & foremost & usually complete at least 80-90% of Goals.
With the Right Merger/Alliance we will complete SLTQ! Personally, I leave LTQs alone & only do SLTQs.

ATTACK: Armour 7/10; Melee & Explosive 5/10; Car & Gun 4/10. Influence 5/10. Hideout Health/Damage 5/10 and Job Payout 5/10

COMMS & LOCATIONS - Communicate via GroupMe & In Game Forum
Strong active players based in US, UK, Europe & Oz/Asia -so, good worldwide coverage for All Events! Looking for More US West Coast Players!

Very reasonable donation levels & all funds ploughed back into increasing Bonuses/Syndicate Hideouts.

looking for a proper mutually beneficial merger or mutual alliance with both Syndicates developing a Symbiotic Relationship, with the best players joining to make a strong syndicate; while remaining players work together & support Main Syndicate. Good Participation will be rewarded with Final Seats and promotion.

Definitely not looking to steal, sorry, assimilate another Syndicates best players & then, leave them with nothing (as appears to be case with majority of merger requests on this Forum!).

Syndicate with best bonuses would be logical choice to home combination of best players, if close; decision should be based upon most activity.
NB: Remember, RB & EB Damage is based on Raw Attack Strength, not Modified Attack.

PM ME to Discuss Mergers/Stats/Tactics & see if we can work together, for benefit of I 're all Will consider/take Mini's if the fit is right...

We're Not Your Average Syndicate!
We're A Family 1st, Syndicate 2nd & We Do Things Differently, Our Way!
We're Friendly, 100% Active and when full, always Rank Top 200