View Full Version : Come join Bravo 501st. A top 400 team looking for active players! (662 915 165)

jj JJ
07-22-2014, 08:36 AM
Tired of being in a faction where you are one of the only contributors? Were you disappointed with your faction and their performance in raid boss? Are you one of the only people hitting faction targets in the current Epic Boss?

Wouldn't you like to be in a faction where everyone contributes to the faction goals and freeloaders are not tolerated?

Come join Bravo 501st (Faction ID: 662 915 165)! We are looking for active players who that want to be part of a faction that is growing and finished top 400 in recent events without requiring people to use gold. We recently created additional openings to bring in active players who would like to be competitive in events such as Raid Boss, FLTQs, WD, etc.

Check out our Bonuses!!! We currently have 74 of them!
Building Defense 35% Max
Building Output +30%
Health Regen -30% Max
Casualty Reduction -10%
Infantry Defense 35% Max
Infantry Attack +20%
Ground Defense 35% Max
Ground Attack +15%
Air Defense 35% Max
Air Attack +10%
Sea Defense +25%
Sea Attack +5%
Guild Increase 1 +10 Max
Guild Increase 2 +10 Max
Guild Increase 3 +8
Guild Increase 4 +4

Faction ID: 662 915 165

jj JJ
07-23-2014, 07:16 AM
We use Kakao talk. Send me a message @ jjJJjw1.

07-28-2014, 11:23 PM
Hi there. Saw your recruiting ad. We are restating what was a successful and crazy fun faction.

At the restart we only have a small core of our original group and so have a ton of slots open. The Bonuses are great! (See below). The few not going anywhere players are great.

I am posting to see if you want to bring your officers and team en-mass up for a visit to do the LTQs and Raid Boss events until the next WD together. We will get much further if we combine forces.

More info on our faction "Fully Boosted" is below and how to contact me is below.


Fully boosted has strong Faction bonuses, though we have not yet achieved the goal of being truly "Fully Boosted"

building output +30%
health regen -30%
infantry defense +35%
ground defense +35%
building defense +35%
air defense +35%
sea defense +35%
infantry attack +30%
ground attack +20%
sea attack +15%
guild increase +36
casualty rate -14%

We use GroupMe for communications, as much as will be required.

How to contact me.
- Join the FB Welcome Chat Room https://groupme.com/join_group/9248512/idDpUW
- Send us the email address you use for GroupMe and we will add you to the room( cobratxt-fbfaction@yahoo.com ).
- Join the faction: Fully Boosted Faction Code: 846-786-743

07-29-2014, 02:15 AM
Top 150 faction with all bonus maxed out looking for american players only

We are a maxed out faction

We finish prestige on the raid bosses

We finished the 5 days epic boss

We usually finish FLTQ (did so on the last 6)

WD in which we finished top 150
Zimbabwe top 121
Peru top 123
Jarkarta top 86
Greece top 121
Zambia 148

American players only
Need to use groupme
23k minimum WD points
Donate all folders and concrete
Having fun playing the game and chatting with people from around the globe
Female members are welcome and will find a friendly environment (we have 2 ladies already and they feel at home).

Klick the link below and join our recruitment room