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07-22-2014, 01:02 PM
The Real Hunters are a former top 75 faction rebuilding to reach our former glory! We are looking for strong single players or a small faction of active players to join us. Gold use is not mandatory but many are moderate gold players.

We require all members to:
• Be active in all faction events,
• 40k WD points,
• Donate 24x IPH in weekly donations,
• Donate 150 folders for raid boss events.

We use GroupMe for communication. If you think you are a good fit, please apply at 305143213.

And here's a list of our bonuses:

Casualty Rate: -19% 4/7
Health Regen Time: -30% MAX
Ground Attack: +35% MAX
Ground Defense: +35% MAX
Air Attack: +25% 5/7
Air Defense: +35% MAX
Infantry Attack: +35% MAX
Infantry Defense: +35% MAX
Sea Attack: +20% 4/7
Sea Defense: +35% MAX
Building Defense: +35% MAX
Building Output: +35% MAX
Guild Member Increase: +38 4/5

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Thanks for the help!! Last call before war starts!