View Full Version : 420 rebels rebuilding.

07-30-2014, 07:47 AM
)_,.--'''[ ''\_\**”420rebels now recruiting***

We're looking for a strong daily player like yourself to join us. Were looking for lite gold players and If not a gold player, but very active during all events then we want you. Several of our players do use gold so participation in all faction events is MANDATORY. We have several openings left. 107879743 bonuses are -30%health regain. +35% infantry def. +20% infantry att. +35% air def. +10% air att. +35% ground def. +15% ground att. +10% sea def. +20%. +5% sea att. +35% building def. +20% building output. +22 guild increase. We use Line app for communication and coordination during faction goals. the chat is also MANDATORY. All requests will be accepted participation will determine if you stay.