View Full Version : Join Up with your Friends Possible Merger

Louie MWar
07-31-2014, 12:51 PM

Top 75-100 looking for 5-7players to join up. Preferably all from the same team. Come together and fight amongst some of the best. Great bonuses, we finish all faction events with awesome teamwork and coordination. All players must be active. Looking for high point contribution for WD. Australia, Asian, and European Players are gladly welcomed. We have some already on the team but can always use more. So come and join a great group of players and bring your friends with you. Groupme is a must. If interested PM me. Also available and can be reached on both Kakao and Line apps search ID cclouiemw. Now is the time to have real fun. More spaces can be opened up for the right merger

Building Defense - Maxed
Infantry Defense - Maxed
Ground Defense - Maxed
Air Defense - Maxed
Sea Defense - Maxed
Casualty Rate - 15%
Building Output - Maxed
Health Regen - Maxed
Infantry Attack - Maxed
Ground Attack - Maxed
Air Attack - 25%
Sea Attack - 15%
Guild Increase - Maxed at +40