View Full Version : Strike Force Top 250 Recruiting

08-05-2014, 05:20 PM
We are looking for daily active players with good lvl to stat ratios. Here is how we do in current events:

FLTQ: Generally get to 11/15 - 13/15 in Prestige
Epic Boss: Finish all 5 days
Raid Boss: Up until this cycle, we were completing Prestige and opportunities for individual wrapper
Frontline: About Top 250 and looking to push higher
WD: Solid Top 400 and getting into Top 250 on a regular basis

All we ask is you donate 3x IPH daily and are a team player. Gold is not an necessity but feel free to spend it how you like.
We do have a feeder faction to boost stats if don't meet requirements.
Faction invite and bonuses below.