View Full Version : Expanded and looking for new recruits (332-660-579)

General Adoma
08-07-2014, 05:02 AM
Special Boat Service Unit (SBS) (top 400) has recently merged with Army of Darkness (AoD) (top 250) to make 2 top teams, SBS is now our recruiting/ training faction for new recruits we are looking for any level player which are willing to play have fun and banter.
Our main form of communication is Group me which all new recruits must join this is a must.
Gold is optional.
If you prove yourself in SBS you will be invited to AoD where prizes are bigger, but both factions work together to get faction goals, if you think you have what we want then our invite code is below together with our bonuses.

Invite code, 332-660-579

Health regen time -26%
Ground attack 5%
Infantry attack 15%
Infantry defence 35%
Ground defence 25%
Air defence 20%
Sea defence 15%
Building defence 30%
Building output 20%
Guild members increase +26

We look forward to seeing your invite