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08-08-2014, 10:29 AM
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RECRUITMENT MESSAGE; We are AZ's Best. We finished just under 1000 in this past WD and have been ranked in the 800's. We have been weeding out inactive members and have openings. We have solid bonuses, no gold requirement, 1 million minimum donation per day. We use groupme as a communication tool during WD events. We only ask that you communicate what you are doing and are an active player. If something comes up where you can't be active we ask that you communicate that ASAP! Invite code 293878272

Bonus list:
+35% infantry defense
+25% ground defense
+20% air defense
+20 sea defense
+10% infantry attack
+35% building defense
+15% building output
-26% health regen time
+10% ground attack

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