View Full Version : Top 200 faction looking for a few actives

08-17-2014, 03:42 PM
Top Gunnerz is a top 200 faction (190) last war and is looking for 4-5 active players. We have finished all events in last 3-4 months besides raid boss masters. We are ranked about 130-140 right now and trying to hold on to top 150 finish. Place around 150-175 in frontline. We are organized and have fun but play hard. No drama. Must communicate on groupme, donate between 0-15 million per day depending on income, participate in all events. PM me if interested or request at 984 631 256 after war.

08-19-2014, 03:48 AM
Top 150 faction with all bonus maxed out looking for american time zone players only

Usually top 150 faction, but on the last WD we went all in and finished on an amazingly top 50 spot

We are a maxed out faction

We finish prestige on the raid bosses

We finished the 5 days epic boss

We usually finish FLTQ (did so on the last 6)

WD in which we finished top 150
Argentina Top 37!!!!!!
Zimbabwe top 121
Peru top 123
Jakarta top 86
Greece top 121
Zambia 148

American time zone players only (Including Canada, South america)
Need to use groupme
Need to be communicative in the chats, we don’t like ninjas that show up, do their share and leave quietly
23k minimum WD points
150m in stats, the bigger the better as we facing strong factions
Donate all folders and concrete
Not afraid to use a little gold if necessary
Having fun playing the game and chatting with people from around the globe
Female members are welcome and will find a friendly environment (we have 2 ladies already and they feel at home).

Klick the link below and join our recruitment room