View Full Version : Got an idea for gree to make a bunch of money in gold

08-19-2014, 11:39 PM
sell us the ability to reorganize our skill points. charge gold for it. i bet gree would make a S*&^*& load of money on the first week alone. but make it accessible so a lot more people can do it, so you can make more money. like under 500 gold
come on DEVs how many times do we need to ask, and this is not coming from a free player, i a gold player myself, been playing since long before factions or syndicates. I would definitely pay to be able to reorganize my skill points. oh another little suggestion. make the attack and defense skills be worth something, maybe like a 1% alliance attack or defense. its like we are playing a game that keeps changing the rules and we are all stuck.... if you are making something to be worthless, please allow us to get rid of it, or re use it somewhere else.